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Before pursuing SEO, a website requires a solid and proper coding structure, not only for functionality, but for search visibility as well. Website optimization focuses on your internal web page elements. This includes the meta data (title, description, heading and image tags), descriptive page content and conversion elements necessary to launch a successful website.

Anatomy of a web page

While we take care of the programming and development of the website, we still need our client's input. Content is key for creating a successful website, so we work with business owners in helping them development the proper approach to web content development.

When working with one of our website advisors, we'll outline the elements necessary to a well-constructed web page by providing detailed guidelines that help you write persuasive marketing copy for your website.

By writing content that connects, your website will be much more enjoyable to the reader.

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Specifically developed for your website

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Analysis & review

Once content has been added to the website, our Marketing Specialist will review your site and analyze its content for search engine responsiveness.

The analysis includes assessments in three areas: visual, navigational and general search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, they will suggest appropriate marketing tactics such as inbound linking, social networking, blogging and more. You will receive a website optimization report that provides you with recommendations of how to refine your content based on our analysis. 

NOTE: This service is limited to up to 15 pages contracted for. Additional charges will apply for more than 15 pages or pages not covered in contract.

Search engine submission

We submit your website to the search engines six times in the first year (once a month for the first three months and quarterly thereafter). This tactic ensures search engine awareness and responsiveness. We have found that it takes multiple submissions to get listed initially on the search engines in addition to follow up submissions to stay current with them.

The Banner MethodThe Banner Method