A solid facility with a 99.5% uptime guarantee has a self-owned and operated secure data center facility which has been built to both protect the hardware and software it houses. Known as, “The VAULT,” it provides a central location from which to operate:

  • Multiple Internet service providers supply bandwidth to the facility via copper and dedicated fiber installations
  • Centralized uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) protect server equipment from power outages
  • A 100 kilowatt natural gas generator, on 30 second standby, provides backup to server equipment and dedicated air conditioning systems in the event of a prolonged power outage
  • Server equipment is also protected by a fire suppression system monitored via a comprehensive security system
  • Independent air conditioning and dust withdrawal systems support the reliability of the software and equipment

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Technology that ensures top performance & security of your website

  • Located in the newly developed Rainbow Corporate Center,, a Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises brand, is the central hub where all services are provided in-house. Security cameras with infrared monitor key areas of focus in maintaining a secure perimeter in and around the building.

    Security cameras are also installed inside the building along with motion sensors throughout.

    Clients' confidentiality is a primary security issue. A proximity card is needed to gain access to the primary work areas, ever before entering the area where "The VAULT" is located and the Web site developers' den. Proximity cards are only given to's current employees. In the event a person is no longer employed by the company, their access is immediately revoked.
    security camera entering a secure area outdoor security camera entering a secure area
  • Utilizing the latest in Biometric Authentication technology, the only access to "The VAULT" requires two different methods of authentication for entrance; proximity card and finger print.

    With very few people having access to "The VAULT," traffic in and out of the room is kept to a minimum.

    Solid concrete walls and static dissipating floor tile reduce the chance of static electric shock to computer components which could cause equipment malfunctions, data loss and server crashes.

    "The VAULT" contains the central nervous system which controls and monitors all servers, telephone lines, and security cameras. The benefit of having in-house servers is to allow us to manage and monitor your account on a daily basis.
    security camera entering a secure area outdoor security camera entering a secure area
  • Multiple Internet Providers supply bandwidth providing fiber optics and copper lines to "The VAULT."

    We have 400 amps of power going to the room which goes through a main distribution panel to Automatic Transfer Switches. In the event of a power outage, they automatically switch the source of power to the generator.

    A 100 kilowatt natural gas backup generator on 30 second standby is ready to supply power through the automatic transfer switches. The backup generator is powered by a 6.8 Liter Ford V-8 that runs on natural gas. The unit weighs nearly 3000 pounds.
    security camera entering a secure area outdoor security camera entering a secure area
  • Southern Nevada can get pretty hot during the Summer months. Fortunately, the building employs a Liebert System to supply "The VAULT" dedicated air conditioning.

    The temperature of the room is monitored via our security company and should the temperature get above preset thresholds, we'll be notified immediately.

    The server equipment is protected from fire with an Inergen Fire Suppression System. In case of a fire a gas will be emitted reducing oxygen levels to 15%; enough to kill a fire, yet just barely enough to sustain human breath.

    During the switchover from utility power to generator power, our UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides power to mission critical equipment, resulting in a constant clean power flow.
    security camera entering a secure area outdoor security camera entering a secure area
  • During a switchover from Utility Power to Generator Power, the central UPS system provides power to mission critical equipment, resulting in constant clean power. This unit is the battery unit and weights 600 pounds on it's own. The Power Module regulates the power and itself weighs over 300 pounds.

    Besides block walls filled with solid concrete for security and insulation, "The VAULT" is also protected and remotely monitored by a first rate security organization.

    "The VAULT" was designed for expandability. The ability to adapt and grow with the constant changes in technology, as well as the ability to add to existing equipment allows us to effortlessly provide superior service.
    security camera entering a secure area outdoor security camera entering a secure area