vol. 3, no.20, 10/22/08

Is your Web site scaring away customers?

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Halloween is nearly upon us. Are you ready for a really scary story? Are you sure, because this one is REALLY scary.

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E-Bits & Bytes
ebits 7 bytes article "Blogs had 77 million unique visitors in the US in August 2008, compared with 75.1 million unique visitors to MySpace and 41 million to Facebook." -comScore Media Metrix girl
Natural Tennis featured client

Natural Tennis
Natural Tennis, Inc. owns the rights to, produces and distributes internationally the two-handled Natural Power-Grip racquet invented by Lionel Burt. The racquet is used by professional, recreational and junior players. Dann and Brian Battistone, with a current doubles world ranking in the 200's in less than a year, are partners in the company and play with the racquet.

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Logo Design featured product
Logo Design
Bring attention to your company and stand out from the competition with a custom designed logo. Brand recognition is important and it all starts with a logo that conveys an image consistent with your company.

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E-Business Solutions
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