vol. 4, no.4, 2/25/09

Share and Share Alike

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If you were raised like I was, you were taught to share with your siblings. You may have not always done so, but that's what you were taught. You should have heeded that rule, because that's essentially how information is distributed across the Internet.

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From the President's Desk

the great depression

It's Not Change, It's Progress
As the current business climate continues to rapidly change, the time to take control of the situation is upon us. This entry provides a hint of what's to come at BannerView.com.

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The Ethics, Laws and Tips to Success with Email Marketing
Email marketing is a popular topic so here it is again revisited. This article covers 8 tips to email marketing success.

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the great depression "57% of consumers had a more positive impression of companies they had purchased from when they received e-mail from them—and 40% said such e-mail made a future purchase from the company more likely" -Epsilon and ROI Research


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Did You Know...

that BannerView.com can take the hassles of renewing your domain name by locking it up for the next 10 years? If your Domain Name is up for renewal (we can help you check), or before you register a new domain, contact your BannerView.com E-Business Advisor as we may be able to save you money and hassle.

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E-Business Seminar
"Not Sure How You Can Sustain Your Online Presence in a Down Economy? Build It, Promote It, Maintain It, Lease It"

LV Chamber of Commerce

April 2nd, 2009


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