The BV Buzz Newsletter
vol. 5, no.8, 6/17/09

Featured Article

featured article

People Give Megan Fox the Thumbs Down

We're going to file this one under "I'm in the media, but I was too lazy to go out and research a real story, so I'll make up something about a celebrity's supposed deformity." Guess what? Megan Fox's thumb is the second most searched topic out there.
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

Let the Social Media Shakeout Begin

MySpace just announced a massive layoff (~30% of staff) and Yahoo! closed one of the Web's original social media sites, Geocities. Where does that leave the rest of the social media market and where should you focus your Web 2.0 efforts?
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Blogging Overload is Delivering Website Traffic

Sometimes you're bound to hit a lull with even your best efforts. However, learn from those downtimes and use it to continually improve upon your earlier successes.
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

How's Your Horse Doing?

Our minds and bodies are vulnerable to everyday wear and tear like all complex systems. Make sure you don't neglect regularly scheduled maintenance for yourself, and keep your horse running!
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ebits & bytes

Fully 35% of respondents believed that online shopping is better for the environment than store shopping. Even better for online retailers, 60% of those who believed in the environmental merits of online shopping said they would shop online more as part of a greener lifestyle.


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featured client

featured client
Dr. Life
Learn the Life Principle for healthy, active aging with physical energy with Dr. Life. Dr Life is board certified in family medicine, a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (1990).
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