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vol. 5, no.9, 7/01/09

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Last week was the 2009 LV Chamber Business Expo and was there. Although it was a rough week for celebrities, with Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and even Billy Mays passing, we were kind of enjoying a local level of notoriety at the event.
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

The Economic Doom and Gloom is Over

What are you hearing on Main street? Are people still talking economic doom and gloom or just Wall Street with it's ever unpredictable predictions? When you see the shift change in attitude by "average Joe" you know the next recovery or downturn has already begun.
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Become a BannerAdvocate, You'll Like It

BannerAdvocate is's exclusive partner program. It provides the opportunity to earn a residual income, gain exposure and get more business!
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

What Are You NOT Doing?

It's easy to look at the many things we do throughout a day or a week and feel like we're making progress and doing the best we can, but sometimes you have to look at what you're not doing to get a better picture.
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ebits & bytes

"34% of US Internet users who bought a product or service based on a recommendation got that tip from a friend or relative, 25% from a husband / wife / partner and only 5% from a blogger."


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featured client
Flangas McMillan Law Group
Dedicated to providing competent, cost effective and aggressive legal representation.
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