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November 25, 2014 - Las Vegas
Phil Frost Brings Marketing ROI to Main Street

Marketing and technology continue to evolve. Recently, Brian Mell interviewed Founder & Chief Operations Officer of Main Street ROI, Phil Frost to get his take on the Internet's influence of business and marketing.


The Analytical Artist: A Necessity in Marketing?

Would Mozart have had a difficult time composing music if his manager constantly had him analyze the performance stats of each individual piece? What if Picasso was limited to only Web-Safe Colors, or Hitchcock to under thirty-seconds for a film?


Shaundell Newsome Shares Sumnu Marketing Secrets

Shaundell Newsome of Sumnu Marketing gives insight on developing a successful website presence and online marketing program for a small business.


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When Are Holiday Shoppers Buying This Year?

According to its "2014 Holiday Retail Spending Report," shoppers will spend a larger percentage of their holiday gift-giving budgets over Black Friday weekend, a resurgence largely driven by cost conscious consumers who want more bang for their bucks.

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Developing essential Workplace Skills in the areas of Sales, Service, Leadership and Teamwork.

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