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March 31, 2015 - Las Vegas
The Psychology Behind Achieving Website Conversions

With much of marketing getting tied to analytics, it should come as no shock that you’ve felt like a psychologist at times. Marketing has become more about psychoanalyzing your customer’s habits. Knowing those habits is key in successfully catering to their needs.

Spring Into Action! Tips to Spring Clean Your Business

Why not take advantage of this time to assess your business. Use this as an opportunity to make some positive changes. Why not start with your website!

6 Reasons Why Your Website Conversion Rates Are So Low

Conversion rates remain at an all time low, yet it doesn’t seem to be a priority for many website owners. Hoping to highlight the issue, I’ve outlined six reasons why you may be encountering a lack of conversions.

6 of the Best Ways to Stay Motivated
Need to find new ways to stay motivated? Life gets crazy busy and sometimes plans get sidetracked or derailed. When you want to keep pushing but don’t know how, it’s best to take a moment, reflect and set in motion your personal objectives in getting what you want!

banner methodProduct Spotlight
The BannerMethod is the ultimate guide to helping you succeed with your website! Are you ready to begin building a strong online presence for your business or organization? If you are, purchase The BannerMethod, the most easy-to-follow plan for strategic online marketing implementation. Learn more

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Why Marketers, Agencies Haven't Mastered the Customer Experience

A single customer view is critical to providing a personalized and thus better customer experience. However, the study found that few respondents leveraged these for all marketing activities. Less than one-fifth of respondents (18%) in both groups said they or their clients used a single customer profile for all marketing efforts, vs. 45% of marketers and 33% of agencies who didn’t.

oasis tanning salon Client Spotlight
Oasis tanning salon and boutique is a step above your average tan. They carry all of the latest tanning lotions and supplies. They also have a full line of women's clothing, jewelry, perfumes and more.

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