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vol. 5, no.7, 6/03/09

Featured Article

featured article

A Marketing Coordinator Unplugged

This past week, I was out of town on personal matters, away from technology and reliant on others most of the week. I didn't have all of my usual daily trappings at hand. It reminded me of Unplugged, the fresh approach for bands that MTV offered back in the 1990s and how it's good...
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

Designing Great Websites is NOT Easy

Vision, clearly defined objectives, hard work and investing in the proper solutions to be successful online are the keys to a great website. But wait, those are all the things necessary to operate a successful business. Maybe designing great websites isn't so easy after all!
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Lining up the Speaking Gigs

With three presentations lined up for June, my marketing team has been working hard on my presentations to 3 professional Las Vegas organizations. I hope you can join me at all three to learn more about how to effectively use email marketing and blogging to generate business.
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

What Do You Have Waiting in the Wings?
What you have waiting in the wings could be what gets you to the next level. Make sure you step back long enough to put your next idea in play.
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ebits & bytes

"Nearly one-third (30%) of executives said social networking is a part of their business and operations strategy. However, 55% of executives admitted that their companies do not have an official policy for social networks—and 22% would like to use social nets, but don’t know how. " - Deloitte

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featured product

lease a website
Want a Complete Website Solution, but Don't Think You Can Afford It?

Our Lease Option Now Makes It Possible
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featured client

featured client
Patti, Sgro & Lewis
A full service litigation firm with practice groups specializing in Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Real Estate, Commercial and Domestic trial work, there are few issues they have not encountered and successfully litigated in a Nevada court room.
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