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vol. 5, no.12, 8/12/09

Featured Article

featured article

Resistance is Futile

For most of the pop culture crowd, the phrase, "Resistance is Futile" brings up images of Star Trek: The Next Generation's big bad villain, the Borg, a cybernetic race bent on assimilating all races into one collective hive mind. Well, it's quite possible the Borg have arrived here on Earth.
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

Tips to Finding Things to Write About for Your Blog | The BV Ride A Part of History?

Sometimes it takes doing something out of the ordinary to spark enough creativity to fuel the mileage needed when maintaining an interesting blog. Join the BV Ride as it explores Yellowstone National Park and contributes to a new record.
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Step Away from the Computer

If you find yourself trapped within the Internet, find a way to step away. You'll come back feeling better and you might just find that there are better and more important things to explore. People will wait for your return and might even appreciate your dedicated response even more!
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

The World is Before You...

Is the world before us as it seems, or is there more to it than we realize? It's important to remember that it's what we make of it, not necessarily the way it is presented to us.
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ebits & bytes

"Though Twitter is currently a media darling, only 8% of advertisers and consumers think it is a “very effective” promotion tool. 83% of advertisers were familiar with Twitter, but only 31% of Web users were."

-Harris Interactive

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banner edutainment tour

Ever wanted to know what is all about? Well here's your chance. Network with fellow business owners and enjoy complimentary food and drink while learning about successfully doing business online and the products and services offered by that contribute to that success.

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featured client

featured client
Mineral Focus
Mineral Focus offers the opportunity to put idle mineral ownership to work. Let the industry know about lands and minerals available for lease and exploration.
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