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vol. 5, no.16, 10/7/09

Featured Article

featured article

The Personable Touch

Customers want the product or service, but buy from the person. How do you get more of the person into your website?
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

Small Improvements Can Make a Big Difference | Moving Forward Despite a Good and Bad Economy

When it comes to your website do you find yourself on the wrong side of great advice? If so don't worry. Here's plenty of bad website advice that you should definitely not follow.
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Intermingle Current Customers w/Potential New Customers | The BannerEdutainment Tours Roll On!

Finding creative ways to get your loyal customers to mingle with your potential new customers is a great way to demonstrate your brand's strength. As the BannerEdutainment Tours roll on, we've found this a great way to expose new customers to our services and provide them the opportunity.
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

Old Ideas - New Again

Ever have an old idea become new again? If not, you've probably been too busy coming up with new ideas. Take a step back to reflect on past ideas. It's never too late to make an old idea new again!
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ebits & bytes

"Mobile Internet visitors were up 34% year over year to 56.9 million in July 2009. Growth among women outpaced the average rate by some 9 percentage points. Men still made up 53% of the mobile Web audience in July."

- Nielsen

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banner edutainment tour

Ever wanted to know what is all about? Well here's your chance. Network with fellow business owners and enjoy complimentary food and drink while learning about successfully doing business online and the products and services offered by that contribute to that success.

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featured client

featured client
Play and Learn
Play and Learn Pediatric Occupational Therapy is dedicated to providing quality occupational therapy in a safe, clean, fun, yet challenging environment
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