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vol. 5, no. 21, 12/16/09

Featured Article

featured article

Social Media in 2010
Looking forward to 2010, predictions are being made in the ad industry about social media. The implications could mean significant advantages towards your website and online business.
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

Your Website is Not Properly Coded and it's Costing you Business!
Chances are you've overlooked proper coding when it comes to designing your Website. However, there's a tool to check to make sure it's properly coded and a solution to the problem if it's not.
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2010 Kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia

Heading to Atlanta to kick of 2010, I'm excited to be invited back to speak at the Bust Out Conference series.
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

Decide on Growth, Before Change Sneaks Up On You
It's natural to have a certain level of fear of the unknown, but it's important not to stunt your growth by second-guessing what you feel is true. Change can be a scary thing, but the growth it can bring can be wonderful.
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ebits & bytes

"Online ad spending will be down 4.6% this year. However, the slowly recovering economy, combined with basic structural changes in how marketers and the public use media, will lead to Internet ad spending growth in early 2010."

- eMarketer

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featured client

featured client
Ted Wiens Tire and Auto Centers
Ted Wiens Tire and Auto Centers offers convenient professional care of your vehicles in the Las Vegas Valley.
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