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vol. 6, no. 1, 1/13/10

Featured Article

featured article

3D Economics: The Economy and CES 2010
I've attended CES for the past 5 years and always marvel at the presentations throughout the convention hall. This show was definitely a step up and a good indicator for the coming year.
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

Children are Great Brand Promoters
Kids get attention in many ways and clothing companies know this. That's why they all vie for children to wear their outfits plastered with their name all over it. Well, what about a private label clothing line just to promote your business? Maybe I'm on to something...
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There's Porn in Them There Website Statistics

The porn industry is famous for using tricks and tactics to get you to visit their websites. However, knowing one of their common tricks can help you understand why it's showing up in your website statistics and avoid getting duped.
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

A New Year... Any New Ideas?
Big ideas may not be big when first discovered, but if you're open to the change that it may bring, it could turn out to be a big idea that changes your life.
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ebits & bytes

"The Consumer Electronics Show in early 2010 will usher in TVs with direct Internet connectivity, or with on-screen access to content portals such as YouTube, Blockbuster and Netflix."- eMarketer

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featured client

featured client
MedLic, LLC
The premier Medical Record Database Company assisting both amateur and professional athletes in the boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts sports industry.
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