The BV Buzz Newsletter
vol. 6, no. 3, 2/10/10

Featured Article

featured article

Lights. Camera. Action!
Does your brand need some star power? Ever wanted to give yourself a starring role? Feel the need to go Hollywood? Then break out those cameras and lets get to work!
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From the President's Desk

mark cenicola

The iPad will Revolutionize Learning
The question of who exactly needs an iPad has arisen especially when a number of devices you have already do what it does and more. What you may not realize is that this device isn't for you after all, but it will have a bigger impact than you could have imagined.
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And the Winner of TMA Nevada's 2009 Most Valuable Member is...

TMA Nevada announced the winners of it's 2009 awards. I was honored to have been selected for the coveted Most Valuable Member award at the event held in late January 2010.
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From the Vice President's Desk

jeff helvin

Where Does the Time Go?
Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time in the day? Each day has the same number of hours as the next, but it's up to you to make the most it.
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ebits & bytes

"According to analysis of video ad network YuMe, online video viewers became less likely to click on preroll ads, or watch them to completion, over the course of 2009. Between Q1 and Q4, click-through rates trended steadily downward, from 1.88% to 0.74%. Completion rates dropped as well, to 66.3% in Q4" - YuMe

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featured client

featured client
Judith August Cosmetic Solutions
Providing the very best in cosmetic coverage for many of the skin conditions that affect us all.
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