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vol. 7, no. 1, 3/24/10

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What's with the New Look?
Yes, you may have noticed we've changed our look on both the newsletter and Why the change you ask? Well...

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Healthy Websites Require the Right Kind of Coverage
Since the country is in the mood for overhauls, why not give your website that much needed overhaul? We just did and it's tons of fun and certainly didn't cost as much as you'd think!

Cenicola Goes to Washington, D.C.
As part of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce's delegation of business leaders that visited Washington D.C. last week, I was proud to be openly welcomed as a representative from the small business community.

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Time to Reset?
Although things such as emails, text messages and cell phones can help productivity, if not properly managed, they can also cause distractions that result in the opposite.
Through a variety of eBusiness solutions including Web Design, Email Marketing, Website Optimization, eCommerce and Website Hosting & Maintenance, can build, promote and maintain your online presence to Give Your Website the BannerView!


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BannerBeat Blog Publisher
Attract and educate a new audience and provide valuable search engine friendly content by publishing insightful articles to your blog. Develop a dialog with your community around your point of view and get people talking about your products and services.

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Patrick Casale & Associates
An advocate in finding the right answers to all insurance needs.

eBits & Bytes
"Small businesses’ top uses of laptop data cards and Wi-Fi hotspots were for checking e-mail (done by more than eight in 10 respondents) and surfing the Web (57%) on the go. Smartphones were used slightly less for those purposes but were of course vital as mobile phones (91%)." - AT&T
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