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vol. 7, no. 9, 7/14/10

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Big Stein has Left the Ballpark
With the passing of George Steinbrenner, the New York Yankees and the city of New York lose a huge part of their brand appeal. Can a brand sustain such a major loss?

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Creative Project Funding from an Innovative New Service
When it comes to getting your project off the ground, sometimes you have to be innovative in raising the funding to make it possible. One service makes it possible to crowd source the funds you need.

Christmas in July - Plan Holiday Specials Now or Miss the Boat
Yes, it's time to starting thinking about the holiday shopping season. If you aren't already planning, you better hurry or better luck next year!

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Control the Spin
Before you know it, you can get yourself stuck in a spiral that you feel like you can't get out of. Making one small adjustment can completely change the spin.


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Policing with Honor

Policing with Honor
Lt. Randy Sutton, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and concepts that will educate and inspire the nation's law enforcement officers.


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"According to a study from OTX and virtual fashion site Roiworld, nearly one in five teens with a Facebook profile had decreased or discontinued their use of the site as of April 2010. What’s more, the decreases seemed to speed up in recent months, with two-thirds of the lapsed users having turned away from the site in the past six months." - eMarketer








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