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vol. 7, no. 15, 10/06/10

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How to be "Edutaining"
Keeping people entertained requires a talent for engaging an audience. Throwing in an education requires thought. Mixing the two makes for an "Edutaining" experience.


president's desk

Is Unemployment at 1% or 14% Because We Can't Tell
When more people are looking for work, it should be easier for employers to find great candidates, right? The challenge now is getting people to even show up for their interview!


vice president's desk

What Future Are You Making for Yourself?
Often times we may forget that each decision we make helps shape the future. What kind of future are you creating for yourself?


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"More than half of senior marketers surveyed said the focus of their online marketing budget in 2011 would be search, with nearly as many planning to focus on website creation or optimization. Only about a third will make website personalization or targeting a priority, despite the fact that the vast majority agree site personalization increases conversions." - Maxymiser


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