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vol. 7, no. 18, 11/17/10

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Creativity Killed in Clueless Attack on Classroom. Film at 11
Witnesses described the attack as perpetrated by slack-jawed pencil pushers hell-bent on doling out conformity to control the masses.


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Logos, Brands and Names are Meaningless, Especially Yours!
Does your brand mean anything to someone other than you? Don't let what other people think throw you for a loop when choosing the future of your company's brand.


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Yes or No?
When you're presented with a yes or no question, are you answering correctly? Consider why you're answering that way and make sure it's for the right reasons, otherwise, you may be missing out!


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"According to a survey, 27% of people who have liked a brand on Facebook say they often click that little thumbs-up button, and an additional 49% do it occasionally." - DDB Worldwide


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Bruce Scher's Goodyear

Bruce Scher's Goodyear
Grown from a single retail outlet in 1981 to a group of over 30 tire and auto service centers.




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