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vol. 7, no. 20, 12/15/10

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Online Business Trends for 2011
What does the new year bring for businesses?


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Dear @Twitter: You're a Distraction and I'm Bored
If social media is becoming a distraction from what's really important, it may be time to reevaluate its priority. If not, you may find yourself becoming bored with it!


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What Direction Are You Going?
It's more important to have an understanding of the direction you're moving in life, rather than where you're at today. Each day may change from one to the next, but your overall direction will indicate where you're going.


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"Out of 110 business respondents surveyed about using Twitter ads as a part of their marketing mix, 51% said they were somewhat or very interested in Promoted Products. However, 27% hadnít made up their minds and 22% said they had no interest at all." - TWTRCON


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