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Announcing...a New Resource for Website Knowledge...
The Banner Edutainment Series
Starting May 18 is launching its Banner Edutainment Series: A course of educational programs designed to help small and mid-sized businesses maximize their website’s business prospects and revenue opportunities.

For 12 years, has been dedicated to building, promoting and maintaining websites for small and mid-sized businesses both in Las Vegas and nation-wide. “Experience has shown the company that the best websites are developed through the initiative of business owners who seek being up-to-date on the on-going and dynamic advances made in the fields of website development and promotion. The Banner Edutainment series is designed to do just that,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Pamela Joy Ring. “We believe that by hosting these seminars, that our clients and the Las Vegas business community at large will gain practicable insight into how to utilize their website to their best business advantage,” said Ring.

Hinging upon three core topics presented in a workshop format, the series focuses upon:

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Strategies
Tools for Analyzing Website Business Performance
Cost and Time Efficiencies of Cloud Technology on a Business’s Bottom Line

The program is divided into four-courses starting with a program overview titled, “Website Fundamentals 101: An Introduction,” which reviews topically the three core topics. It is then followed by in-depth workshops on each topic held throughout 2011. Furthermore, a tour of the company’s facilities will reveal pointers on how to configure a secure server and data processing operation.

The first course in the series, “Website Fundamentals 101: An Introduction,” will be held at’s corporate offices on Wednesday May 18, 2011 from 11:30-1:30. Attendance is FREE and a complimentary picnic-style lunch will be served.

The in-depth workshops will follow in the next months. “Our goal is to take our experience and become a valued resource in our business community on the use of the Internet as a portal for business,” said Ring. “We intend to expand upon our course offerings beyond this series. This Edutainment Newsletter is designed to keep our readers abreast of these happenings and to provide useful information on the subject of doing business on the Internet.