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When we conceived of the idea of launching a series of workshops, we believed that the company had the experience and talent that could fill a void in our business community for understanding how to leverage the Internet as a significant portal for doing business. Apparently, we hit a nerve. The room is one seat short of being filled for next Wednesday’s, “Website Fundamentals 101: An Introduction”, and the more in depth classes are also filling up. A repeat of Fundamentals 101 is scheduled for July 27, in case you get closed out of May 18.

We have been working very hard on preparing for these classes. We are combining education in a tutorial format while challenging our attendees to apply that knowledge to their business in a workshop setting using work sheets. Each one of the attendees will be sharing their experience with others in a round table, working-lunch setting.

The subjects are certainly relevant and are in today’s headlines. Even the biggest companies in their respective industries are using and testing strategies for leveraging the Internet as a key portal for business. Take this past Saturday and an article that appeared on the front page of The New York Times entitled, “Trying to Game Google on ‘Mother’s Day Flowers’”, as an example of “SEO Strategies that Can Positively Impact your Bottom Line.” The article focused on how the top four Internet floral companies were found engaging in “link-buying” as a strategy to gain ranking on Google. The article pointed out that this strategy is high risk to the companies for Google does not approve of the method. Instead it wants websites to “earn” links by offering “relevant” content. Typically, if Google finds a company “link-buying”, it can significantly demote their rankings and thus damage their business prospects on the Internet. Interestingly, these companies had to weigh the potential lost opportunity for not employing this “taboo” against doing so for cashing in on one of the most important days of the year for their business. Our SEO overview and in depth course are certainly topical and will explore the importance and use of content and leveraging social media.

More ideas for future courses have also come to fruition as we have worked on the series. On the planning board is the addition of issues of security and privacy in doing business on the Internet...stay tuned.

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