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Our First Workshop: Website Fundamentals 101
Tells Us that We are On the Right Track in
Giving You Practical Knowledge and Realistic Tools...

On Wednesday, May 18, held at its offices its first Edutainment Learning Series workshop, “Website Fundamentals 101: An Introduction.” There, we gave an overview to a filled conference room of clients and non-clients alike concerning the key points of the three core subjects of the in-depth series: “SEO Strategies that Positively Impact your Bottom Line Including How to Leverage Social Media to your Advantage,” “When to Recognize that your Business Needs are Outpacing the Functions of Your Website” and “How Cloud Computing Can Save You and Your Business Time and Money.” In a roll-up-your-sleeve workshop session and working lunch, our Edutainment teachers and engaged students worked together with practical learning as the goal. We wanted our group to leave being armed with insights that they could readily apply to their business and websites. Apparently we did it:

“Thank you Pam and your team for the excellent program. I will begin to initiate several of the ideas put forth by your team presenters to increase my positioning on the web...Please thank your staff for me for their fine work. I hope to be invited to #103."
James Trueworthy
Co-Partner & Principal
The Hat Company

“Hi Brian, Thanks for the seminar today. You, Lauren, and Pamela were very
informative and I appreciate the Edutainment...Thanks again...”

Peter Maksymec

The course was not just about websites and the Internet, although they were certainly a key part of the program mix. But more importantly, we got the group thinking about business strategy, planning and execution and how a website must answer to the expectations of the business as a tool. The website as a tool must work in concert with the other tools set out in driving a business to meet its targets.

From June until the end of August, the Edutainment Learning Series will be rolling out the in-depth courses. Coming up on June 15 will be “SEO Strategies that Positively Impact your Bottom Line Including How to Leverage Social Media to your Advantage.” Again it will be a working lunch, roll-up-your-sleeve work shop where our Edutainment teachers and attendees will work together in understanding how to balance website content so that it serves two critical constituents---your customer and the search engines. The workshop is FREE and many of the 101 attendees have already signed up so seats are limited. Register today and we look forward to working with you!