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Are You Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Learn How
Your Website Can Work at its Optimum to Bring You Business?

Ladies and Gentlemen...start your engines, or should we say let’s get those search engines to start really looking at you!

The next phase of our Edutainment Learning Series is about to begin with three roll-up-your-sleeve, two-hour working lunch workshops. Each will deliver a laser-like focus on core and essential subjects to understanding how to use the Internet as a portal for doing business and how your website can be at its best in the Internet world.

The series is dedicated to providing you with practical knowledge and tools you can bring back to your office and start using to your advantage. Next Wednesday, June 15, is the first workshop, “SEO Strategies that Positively Impact your Bottom Line Including How to Leverage Social Media to your Advantage.”

Why Such a Series...Why Now?

It’s a fact that the Internet is an invention as revolutionary as the light bulb and telephone. The debate about the comparative impacts of the three upon society, we will leave for another discussion. But the Internet and how to use it and how to navigate it are an ever changing phenomena. Remember five years ago...all you needed was to create a static website, use it as one would a business card or telephone book ad, do nothing more and that was it...people would find you. Well, those days are gone. We are all at the mercy of the changing rules and algorithms of the Googles of the world. They have dictated that a website is now a living thing. What does that mean...

Our Edutainment Learning Series is predicated upon helping you understand the kind of “life” you need to breathe into your website so that it works at its best for your business. Today, one just can’t have a website and leave it alone. In the eyes of the search engines you are “asleep” and have nothing to offer. If you sit dormant you can be sure that you are vying for a very low ranking, no one will find you and your website will be underserving your business goals.

Today, you have to nurture and “feed” your website in ways the search engines see as meaningful so that they visit you over and over again. This, in turn, improves and optimizes your rankings so that your specific target audience will find you and want to do business with you. The strategy to use includes but goes beyond Marketing and SEO which our first workshop covers. Building the functions on your website so that you engage and interact with your audience is also critical. That’s why our second workshop, “How to Recognize that your Business Needs are Outpacing the Functions of Your Website,” will be given on July 13.

The next big thing on the Internet is Cloud Computing. It can change the computing industry as we know it. Cloud Computing enables a user the ability to conduct computing using the Internet and its network to perform computing functions instead of having an on-site computer. There are a host of cost and time-saving efficiencies associated with the Cloud model as well as some risks. Since Cloud Computing is on the horizon of the Internet, the Edutainment Teaching Team believes it important to arm our business professional attendees with knowledge about it, so that they can be proactive in making future resource allocation decisions. The workshop will be held on August 10.

So, start your engines, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to be “edutained” by our Edutainment Learning Series designed to give you the tools to make your website work at maximizing your business prospects and revenue opportunities.



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