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vol. 7, no. 14, 9/22/10

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Instant Google
If you haven't heard, Google provides search results in an instant now. Does that mean you can find those obscure, hard to find answers to life's questions much faster? Let's find out.


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The Banner Brand To Hit Major Booksellers Near Your Fingers Soon - Limited Time Offer Available!
With the launch of The Banner Brand (hardcover), we're excited to bring you a special offer for ordering directly through

Traditional Website Financing Now Available
As the financial markets improve so do the opportunities to build a great website that earn you the recognition, respect and rewards that you desire.


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Don't Forget ALL of the Ingredients
Make sure you're using the right ingredients in life to get where you need to go. Missing just one main ingredient can dramatically change the outcome.


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"Open rates soared for transactional emails customers knew would be relevant, surpassing 100% for order and shipping confirmations, which were opened multiple times by the same recipients. Open rates for comparable bulk emails were much lower: about 14.5%. " -Experian Marketing Services


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...that BannerCampaigner allows you to turn wasted website space into lucrative ad space?

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Coco Sports

Cocos Sports
A family owned business that has been servicing the great Las Vegas community for over four years with all of the communities apparel needs.