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vol. 8, no. 11, 6/01/11

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Apple Enters the Cloud
The Cloud becomes a little heavier with the entrance of Apple. What will be their positioning? You’ll have to wait until June 6th.

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I Must Have the Wrong Roll or is it Role?
If you aren't getting the feedback from your blog, mix it up with something different such as misspellings. You just might be surprised by who's paying attention.

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Time to Reorganize?
Creating a permanent position of reorganization has helped me evolve into the life I set out to create.

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Hiring a Voice of Experience Makes Good Business Sense
There is a lot to be said for experience. In today’s business world, I am seeing too many people with depth of professional experience being thrown over for youthful inexperience; the major rationale is that it saves a company money. Is this really a smart move?

ebits & bytes

"By the end of 2011, nearly half of US adult internet users, or 88.2 million people, will have redeemed an online coupon or code for use either online or offline in the past year. By 2013, 96.8 million adults will redeem an online coupon."

- eMarketer

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gamma ray pitbulls

Gamma Ray Pitbulls
Gamma Ray began breeding the American Pit Bull Terrier to ensure that the breed has a future, and receives the positive praise and recognition that we feel it has been due for many years.







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