Our company history

In the beginning...

What would cause a company to transform from an Antiques Roadshow online into one of Nevada's most prominent website development and eBusiness providers? For Mark Cenicola and Jeff Helvin, it was a combination of legal red tape and a dot-com depression that forced a 180 onto the two budding entrepreneurs.

Initially conceived in 1999, the idea was to offer a fixed cost alternative to eBay, where they'd purchase items from yard sales and sell it for a profit online under the name, They'd even gone so far as to empty out a room in the Helvin household to stock their newly purchased inventory. 


Cenicola-Helvin Enterprise, the parent company of


...the laws requiring extensive background checks and copies of the previous owner's drivers license made purchasing the items difficult, forcing them to revise the project into something similar to Craigslist. With the height of the dot-com bust looming and funds running low, it would seem that the business was marked for failure. Luckily, the catalyst for the birth of was just around the corner, and from an unlikely source.

Executives Joseph Stanley, Mark Cenicola & Jeff Helvin

The Executive team goes GQ in their photoshoot

As luck would have it...

...the sister of Jeff Helvin, owner of a catering business was experiencing an all too familiar scenario of the industry at the time. Her website designer went AWOL in the middle of the project.

Having already incorporated Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises as the parent company, Mark and Jeff decided to use, originally conceived to sell banner ads, as a solution to her website woes

Yes at one time, banner ads WERE part of the picture.

Slowly, word spread...

...and soon the company was building up an impressive portfolio of clients. With Joseph Stanley on board as programmer,  the company would focus mainly on being a reliable and respected resource of eBusiness products and services.

Though Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises would go on to develop a number of other entities over the years, remained the brand most profitable. So much so that in 2007, after years of shared and rented occupancy, the now three executives purchased an impressive 1.1 million dollar technologically advanced data center facility in which to house operations and conduct business. The following year, officially became the name under which the company conducts all business, further positioning themselves as THE resource for all eBusiness needs.

What We Do

"Your business. Energized!" changes the way businesses get online by building websites for them at do-it-yourself prices. Get a fully customized website powered by BannerOS, the software that helps companies turn their website into a powerful business tool in as little as 72 hours. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and services national and local businesses. is a Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises brand.

What We Offer...

Our Operating Platform and Add-On Product Services: is one of few companies in the United States that has developed and offers a proprietary website-building platform named, BannerOS™ and compatible website product services named, BannerGrips™, which integrate together in meeting the demand of a business wishing to use the Internet as a portal for developing and growing its business. Read testimonials from satisfied clients...

Customer Protection and Programming Integrity:

Compatible Coding and No Third Party Service Glitches: 
BannerOS and its BannerGrips use consistent and compatible coding, all are W3C (World Wide Web Compliant). The consistent and compatible coding ensures against the program integration challenges typical of when a website uses several third party products/services. 

Secure Data Center, Encrypted Backups, Virus and Spam Protectors: has a self-owned and operated secure data center facility with daily onsite and weekly off-site encrypted backups. Its data configurations are designed to mitigate against and protect our customers from viruses and spam. 

Server Disabling Defenses:
Unlike other website management companies who overpack their servers with customer accounts which can cause the disabling of a customer’s website operations, limits the number of customer accounts its individual servers accommodate in order to minimize such risk and business interruptions to its customers.


  • An experienced team at the ready to support you
  • A corporate culture dedicated to the, "customer comes first." When you call or email, you get the attention and courtesy of a real human experienced member of our team.
  • Project follow-ups are turned around within one business day
  • 24/7 Emergency support upon request
  • Selection of Web Hosting and Maintenance Programs designed to support your website
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  • Executive management team with over 40 years of combined experience in website operations
  • Founded in 1999, Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises launched website development services in the year 2000.