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vol. 8, no. 8, 4/20/11

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The Edutainment Tour has Spawned an Educational Series
We tried to keep it small...It's just that we have so much information to share that the tour had to expand to an educational series providing information and tools to show how your website can maximize your business prospects and revenue opportunities. Introducing
The Banner Edutainment Series...


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We Are Growing Again | I Need Your Help Doing Things Right This Time
We've certainly made some mistakes through the growing process, however, the most important decision I ever made was to hire an executive assistant. With our growth prospects bright, once again, I need your recruiting help.


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Big Ambitions
It's true that "big results" could mean good things or bad things depending on the end result, but I realize that big ambitions can lead to great things both for myself and for tuned!

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"Search marketing remained the largest ad spending contributor, its share down slightly to 46% of all US internet advertising dollars. Display advertising, which includes banner ads, rich media, video and sponsorships, increased its share, accounting for 38% of US online ad spending in 2010, up from 35.2% in 2009." - Interactive Advertising Bureau

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Through a variety of eBusiness solutions including Web Design, Email Marketing, Website Optimization, eCommerce and Website Hosting & Maintenance, can build, promote and maintain your online presence to Give Your Website the BannerView!

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banner edutainment series

Announcing...a New Resource for Website Knowledge...
The Banner Edutainment Series launches with "Website Fundamentals 101: An Introduction," the first of four workshops designed to help you maximize your website’s business prospects and revenue opportunities.

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Did You Know...
did you know

...that BannerOS now offers file storage and sharing through BannerFile, its new Grip add-on?

Share Files with BannerFile

Featured Client
Gulf Alive

Gulf Alive
A celebration of the cuisine and culture of Louisiana, the Fishermen of the Gulf, the Farmers of Louisiana, our Creole and Cajun Chefs and home cooks, the American Culinary Federation visiting chefs and everyone who has ever tasted the gumbo, danced to the rhythm and loved the French Market!

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