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vol. 8, no. 9, 5/04/11

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Solve the Mystery of SEO
It's been said, "We tend to fear what we don't understand." Since SEO, or Search Engine Optimization tends to be a highly misunderstood topic, the fear factor must be off the charts. The question is, "Where does the confusion come from?"


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We've Raised Some Money, Now What?
The biggest changes for me personally include an increased workload, increased stress and more expectations. Isn't raising money wonderful?


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Adapt and Readapt
Take a good long look at the environments in which you currently work and live. Are they the same as they used to be? If not, and you want longevity with either, or both, you may need to readapt yourself to the current environment, then be willing to do it again and again.

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"Last year, marketers were about equally focused on using SEO to generate leads (32%) and drive website traffic (34%). But this year, the 87% of companies worldwide who are using SEO have a clear preference for their main SEO objective: 42% primarily turn to SEO to increase website traffic, compared to only 29% for lead generation."


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