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50 reasons to try BannerOS

  1. Free website setup
  2. Free website hosting
  3. Free use of BannerOS and related Grips for at least 30 days
  4. Easy access control panel to manage all aspects of your account
  5. Powerful and flexible website management platform
  6. User friendly interface
  7. Mobile compatible admin for easy management on the go
  8. Centralized access to all your website's functionality
  9. Dashboard with quick links to your most important information
  10. Easily access the most recently used tools
  11. Quickly add and update content to your website
  1. Content management from anywhere in the world with any computer web browser
  2. User-friendly WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get)
  3. Customizable web page templates
  4. Unlimited web pages
  5. Rotating image manager
  6. Common digital file formats supported
  7. Category management for organizing your media
  8. Customizable SEO-friendly webpage titles, descriptions & keywords
  9. Full access to raw HTML code for advanced users
  10. Maintain multiple versions of content
  11. Unlimited image uploads
  12. Scheduled publish dates
  13. Access to your website content 24/7
  14. No web design knowledge required
  15. No web programming experience needed
  16. Simplified process of content management and file uploads
  17. Helps to streamline your operations
  18. Direct integration with your website to maintain company branding
  19. Unlimited functionality & expansion
  20. Easy to add functionality, such as contact management, e-commerce, etc.
  21. All in one system to handle all your website needs
  22. Powerful online promotion
  23. Latest website marketing tools
  24. Save time with crucial performance stats
  25. Easy to understand website statistics
  26. Easily see website visitor activity
  27. Find out who your customers are and what they want
  28. Uses the most advanced and up to date programming currently employed
  29. Mobile friendly website features
  30. Search friendly website (search engine optimized - SEO)
  31. Built in on-site search engine for a fully searchable website
  32. W3C compliancy tested
  33. Commercially backed software with responsibility to your business
  34. Bi-weekly software upgrades
  35. Bug reporting directly from the system
  36. Suggest features directly from the system
  37. Secure login using current standards
  38. Online technical support
  39. Access to help videos

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