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Resources for managing your website and account with 

Email Tutorials
Learn how to setup up your email to work with your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone, switch your email provider to Office 365, or access webmail.
BannerOS Documentation
Tutorials on BannerOS, BannerBeat, BannerCharge, BannerCampaigner, and BannerDate.
Search Engine Optimization
Quick tips, useful links, and frequently asked questions about creating a search engine friendly site.
Glossary of Terms
Get definitions on frequently used terms related to websites, eCommerce, and the Internet.
Quick Start for Web Developers
Quick start guide for developing a website with BannerOS.
Phone Support
Live telephone support is available Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm PST. included free with all "BV" hosting plans and available for $9.95/mo. for "V" hosting plans.

BannerOS FAQs

Basic BannerOS Features
View website stats, exclude countries from stats, autoplay YouTube videos, edit robots.txt file, create new sliders, reset your password.

Advanced BannerOS Features
Editing layouts, distributing newsletters based on member demographics.

Payment setups and promo codes.

Submission forms.

Newsletters and mailing lists.

Products and shopping cart.

Importing members from a spreadsheet.

General FAQs

For Prospective Customers
Getting a website, upgrading, and available services.

Account Management
Buying domains, updating contact and billing info, email management, etc.

Preventing Storage Overages

How do I request content updates for my website?

How do I add domain privacy to my domains?

Integrating with Google
Google Site Verification, Google Analytics and Google Maps

Other Related Resources