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BannerView.com is well respected on the speaker circuit both locally and nationally and has developed and held numerous workshops including its CEU-eligible, Edutainment Learning Series.

Mark A. Cenicola

Mark Cenicola strips away the hype and gives his take on technology and its use in establishing a better business online.

Hard hitting presentations that really get to the core of today's technologically advanced business economy, Mark demonstrates effective strategies for integrating the Internet into a company's operations and giving their website an expanded role in contributing to the success of their business.

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Jeff R. Helvin

Jeff Helvin presents life balanced with work in thoughtful presentations on achieving a cohesive workflow in today's 24/7 global economy.

Accomplishing a balance of both personal and professional aspects, to ultimately achieve more in life overall, Jeff explores multiple concepts on harmony between the workplace and home and uncovers the secrets to truly surviving a 24/7 barrage of information overload.

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brian mell

Brian Mell

As the company's foremost expert at inbound, online marketing and interactive media, Brian presents an entertaining and informative mix of the current trends in technology and developing campaigns to effectively communicate a company's message.

Covering topics from SEO and Social Media to Emerging Technologies and The Cloud, Brian examines and explains the elements crucial to companies wanting to compete online in our 24/7 mobile world of ebusiness.

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