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The Money-Saving Answer to Small Business Success

In his business book, “The Banner Brand,” Mark A. Cenicola takes you on his personal journey of how he applied the fundamentals of brand strategy and guerilla marketing as critical defenses in fighting the competitive landscape characterized by small business.

As CEO and president of his 12 + year-old website development company,, Mark candidly discusses in his book, the challenges many entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners face with the drive to succeed. With having been time-challenged and budget constrained, Mark speaks the universal language of his business contemporaries and takes them through the trials of his discovery of how creating a sustainable brand can be a money-saving strategy in securing a small to mid-sized business’s financial success.

In this Book on Branding, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Will Learn:

  • How lessons learned from branding mistakes resulted in branding success
  • How using the right brand in low cost and resourceful promotion strategies results in positive ROIs 
  • How using techniques that create consistency of your brand result in positive ROIs
  • How to leverage your brand on your business website so that your prospects and revenue opportunities are maximized
  • How to plan out the proper branding strategy in context to your marketing plan

Mark’s experiences helped him gain the recognition in his industry as a successful innovator and entrepreneur, the respect in his business community as a leader and good corporate citizen, and the rewards associated with developing and growing a small business.

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What People are Saying

Simple, honest, and straightforward advice on growing your business

"Many pundits advise the obvious or the highly theoretical or claim that they have the secret sauce to building a business. Thankfully, you'll find none of that in The Banner Brand. In the book, Mark shares the wisdom for how he's built such a successful business providing concrete tips on how to face and overcome everyday challenges. Rife with examples, small business owners will find this book particularly instructive. "

Phil Simon

A Must Read For Business Owners

"A great easy read, with tons of usual information that can be helpful NOW. I recommend this book to anyone who wants great advice on branding, marketing, and blogging."


Time Well Spent

"I had the opportunity to meet the author at a book signing in Las Vegas and was extremely impressed. Not only is this a great read, the author (Mark Cenicola) is very approachable, innovative and genuine. I enjoyed reading this book and love the simple practices outlined. A great read for small to large business operations with tips that can be implemented immediately."

Matthew J. Engle

Highly Recommended - A MUST read

"This book is written very well, and is a MUST read for any business minded person. He tells his story in a way that we can take into action in our own lives."