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BannerView®.com Revolutionizes The Way Businesses Build Websites

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 20, 2013 - According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of last year, 75% of businesses still did NOT have a website. With various low cost do-it-yourself (DIY) tools and extensive competition from web developers around the world, the number of businesses operating without a website is staggering.

Mark A. Cenicola, President & CEO, attributes this statistic to the fact that “Businesses struggle with the affordability of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to a website developer to build them a custom professional website or simply don’t have the time or talent to build it themselves. Even when a business does end up building it themselves, features are usually limited and the websites are very basic.” is proud to announce the solution to solve the problem of businesses operating without a website or a properly functioning website. The company is changing the way small businesses get websites by offering to build a customized website for FREE and host it for FREE with the purchase of BannerOS. BannerOS allows businesses to use their websites as effective business tools while providing them the opportunity to easily manage their website after it’s been designed for them. Starting at $19.95/month customers can have a website powered by BannerOS.

“During the depths of the recession, I envisioned bringing small businesses fully customized websites at do-it-yourself prices,” Cenicola said. “As we got closer to making this offer a reality, I hinted what was to come. No longer do businesses have to suffer with subpar websites or go without because they can’t afford to do it right.”

This video highlights this new offering. 

In recent months this offering has been tested with select customers that have launched live production websites. It’s now being offered in limited beta to customers in specific markets through the following landing pages:

Las Vegas Based Businesses

Houston Based Businesses

Dallas Based Businesses

About the is changing the way businesses get websites by building websites for them at do-it-yourself prices.  Get a fully customized website powered by BannerOS, the software that helps companies turn their website into a powerful business tool in as little as 72 hours.