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Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises Announces Availability of Image Gallery System Version 2.0
December 15, 2004 - Las Vegas - Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises has announced the availability of the Image Gallery System version 2.0. The Image Gallery System is a Web based gallery system that provides the ability to create thumbnail galleries with links to larger versions of the pictures and captions. Simply upload the full size image, enter in a caption and a thumbnail is created and added to the selected gallery automatically. The system also allows for arranging images into multiple categories using the built-in category manager.

The Image Gallery System version 2.0 can now be rented on a monthly basis in addition to being purchased on a licensed basis. The rental option reduces up front implementation costs and is available to anyone that has a or hosting plan.

New Features in Version 2.0:

* The ability to choose which template will be used for each category.
* The ability to lock any category with it's own key phrase.
* The ability to modify the sort order of images in each category.
* Updated add new image functionality to not require image name and use the uploaded file's name if it is not provided.
* Added a filter to the Administration side gallery section to filter by category or keyword before displaying images.
*Added batch upload function. Zip archive files can now be uploaded in the administration section that will add each image in the archive and add it to the database and create a thumbnail if the file is in a JPEG or PNG format.

All Features:

* Category management for organizing images
* Ability to lock categories for private viewing
* Template based layout for the option to choose a different layout for each category
*Ability to upload ZIP compressed files for batch uploading of multiple images in a given category
* Add and manage individual images for full size and thumbnail sized images as well as image name and caption
*Automatic generation of thumbnail images for supported image type formats (JPG & PNG)
* Configuration of maximum full size image dimensions accepted by system
* Configuration of thumbnail maximum dimension
* Configuration of pixel padding for Javascript pop up window for full image view
* Configuration of short description maximum characters for browse pages
* Search function based on image names and captions
* Built on top of the powerful MySQL relational database platform

Actual implementation examples can be found at the following Web sites:

Additional product information and a live online demonstration version can be found by visiting --

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