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Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises Becomes Associate

November 2, 1999 - Las Vegas - Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises has signed up with as an associate to further expand content and revenue for the upcoming Linux advocate web site, currently in development. Many other web sites have already become associates in hopes of bringing added revenue needed to continue providing content to their users. Associates earn money by providing special tagged hyperlinks from their web sites to consumers who click through to and purchase Linux related products.

Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises feels that this association program will help offset the costs needed for further expansion and content addition as well as bringing the ability to offer consumers the chance to buy products mentioned on This makes a more centralized place for Linux related material.

"Each step we take to bring consumers closer to the resources they want only reiterates why we formed this organization in the first place," says Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises President, Mark Cenicola. "Consumers don't want to have to go to a hundred different places to get all the things they need."

Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises plans to continue to add other association programs to further expand their reach to the consumer market. Do not expect to be the only web property for which they are going to have associates. "There is no reason to go in it alone when you have help just waiting to be utilized," explains Vice President, Jeff Helvin.