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Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises Launches Web Development Division,

February 8, 2000 - Las Vegas - Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises announced the availability of, the company's web development division. The division had been in development for awhile, but was never publicly announced because of certain details that needed to be addressed before the release. was launched to provide individuals and businesses with a quick and inexpensive way to get on the Internet with a professional image. is able to offer customers competitive rates, flexible services, professional design, and free consultation to new customers.

"With the launch of, we are now able to share our design skills with businesses in need," said Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises' President & CEO, Mark Cenicola. "Having a professional Internet presence is a must for just about any business today. We are now helping businesses obtain that presence."

Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises continues development work on their other announced web properties as they find other means to increase revenue and marketability in the meantime.