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Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises Releases Newsletter Management System Version 5.0
August 19, 2004 - Las Vegas - Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises has announced the availability of the Newsletter Management System version 5.0. The Newsletter Management System is a Web based platform for managing an email newsletter. The system is easily integrated into an existing Web site and provides the most essential functions for managing a company's newsletter and email marketing campaigns.

The most significant feature addition to version 5.0 is a comprehensive statistics system that tracks daily statistics regarding a newsletter distribution such as the number of subscribe and unsubscribe requests, emails sent plain text and MIME encoded for a particular distribution and the number of read emails by subscribers receiving MIME encoded messages. This allows users of the system to know exactly how many emails they are sending and if their emails are being read. With this knowledge, a customer can track the effectiveness of each newsletter distribution and adapt by changing email subject lines to determine which subject lines product the best results.

The Newsletter Management System version 5.0 can now be rented on a monthly basis in addition to being purchased on a licensed basis. The rental option reduces up front implementation costs and is available to anyone that has a hosting plan.

New in Version 5.0:

* Updated relational database structure for improved performance.
* Added newsletter distribution statistics to track distributions and read MIME newsletters.
* Updated system requirements to specify modular version of PHP 4.

Other Features include:
* Individually addressed emails -- no more blind carbon copies or accidental mailing list exposures.
* Automated email address list management
* Ability to manage multiple email lists
* Simple interface for creating and delivering your newsletter
* Support for plain text or HTML formats simultaneously (MIME Encoded Emails)
* Opt-in - automatically notifies a subscriber via email when they subscribe
* Opt-out - allows you to add subscribers to the list without sending automatic subscription notification
* Subscribers have ability to choose between plain text or HTML newsletters
* Customizable Footer - allows you to append closing salutations and unsubscribe
instructions automatically at the end of each newsletter distribution
* Easy to import existing email list
* Ability to merge lists
* Ability to rename lists
* Online Help System

A couple of clients that are currently using version 5.0 include Soul 2 Soul Cafe and Working Knowledge.

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