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Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises to Exhibit at 2008 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Expo
Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises will be exhibiting at the 2008 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Attendance is expected to exceed 2000 with over 350 booths and exhibits representing a wide cross section of businesses in Southern Nevada. At this trade show, the company will be unveiling it's newest product, BannerMailer, along with its new brand slogan and revised Web site.

BannerMailer is the premier email marketing and newsletter management system that allows businesses to create great looking electronic marketing pieces and deliver them quickly to their customers. Organizations looking at using email marketing to increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty and increase revenues, have BannerMailer as one of the few products that directly integrates with current Web sites at a cost effective price.

BannerMailer represents's brand approach towards offering business critical Web based applications on a subscription basis. A more intuitive and graphical client interface is featured with many of the functions streamlined to offer quicker task completion. Future product updates and releases will also offer these features as well.

In addition, the Web site has been revamped to reflect this greatly simplified process. "3.0" will provide clients with better access to the information they seek and guide them towards making the right choices for their business online.

Expo attendees are invited to visit Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises' booth for special limited "expo only" offers for E-Business Solutions.

Whether your online business needs to Build It, Promote It, or Maintain It, has the E-Business Solutions available to "Give Your Web Site the BannerView."

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Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises is an Internet information resource company publishing a variety of Web sites ranging from Internet communities to classified advertising and provides e-business solutions under its brand. E-business solutions range from Web site development, e-mail marketing software, e-commerce systems, custom online database solutions to Web site hosting & maintenance.

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Mark A. Cenicola, President & CEO
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