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System Requirements

BannerOS installs directly on your website and requires a compatible Web host. Since the product runs on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL PHP) and WIMP (Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP) platforms, it's compatible with over 50% of website hosts. In case your website is hosted at an incompatible host, can provide hosting for your website, email and BannerOS in a single location.

System Specifications

Managing your website via BannerOS requires a standard Web browser which supports JavaScript, cookies, and cascading style sheets. It supports the latest Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers running on any operating system as well as full fledged modern mobile and table based browsers.  

Requirements for customers visiting websites built on BannerOS will depend upon the technologies used in constructing your website.

Server Software:

Zend Optimizer Version 3.3 or Above
Apache Version 2 or Above
PHP Version 5.3 or Above
MySQL Version 5 or Above
Access to Cron Jobs

Server Hardware:

Recommended - Multi-Core Pentium 2.0GHz+ class system with 2GB RAM and enough disk space to accommodate a growing database.