Whitelist/Blacklist Instructions

It may be necessary to white list or black list an email address. White listing an email address means bypassing the spam check to ensure the email gets delivered. Black listing the email means to automatically mark the email as spam even if the email is determined by our system not to be spam.

Here's how to whitelist or blacklist email addresses.

1) Login to your account on BannerView.com.

2) Click on "Manage Email."

3) Across from the domain under which you wish to white list or black list an email, click on the arrow drop down and select "Manage White List" or "Manage Black List."

4) Click on "Add White List Entry" or "Add Black List Entry."

5) In the box, enter the email address or domain you want added to either the white or black list, then click "Save." You can enter an individual email address or an entire domain. For example, if you entered test@test123.com it would apply only to that email address, but if you entered test123.com, it would apply to all emails @test123.com. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the change to become effective. 

*Bonus - how to find the actual sending email address:

Sometimes a person sending an email uses a third party system for tracking or other purposes. In this case, adding the "from" address to the White List will not prevent an email from being flagged as spam. If you have a quarantine account setup, you can login to it using Roundcube. Open the email, then click on ...More from the menu above the email and select "Show source." Look for the line containing "X-BannerView-MailScanner-From:" and copy the part located after the @ symbol. This is the true email address of the sender.