Whitelist/Blacklist Instructions

It may be necessary to white list or black list an email address. White listing an email address means bypassing the spam check to ensure the email gets delivered. Black listing the email means to automatically mark the email as spam even if the email is determined by our system not to be spam.

Here's how to whitelist or blacklist email addresses.

1) Login to your account on BannerView.com.

2) Click on "Manage Email."

3) Across from the domain under which you wish to white list or black list an email, click on the arrow drop down and select "Manage White List" or "Manage Black List."

4) Click on "Add White List Entry" or "Add Black List Entry."

5) In the box, enter the email address you want added to either the white or black list, then click "Save." In 5 minutes it will be active on the list.