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Add or Modify Promo Codes

  1. From the BannerCharge dashboard, click the Add New Promo Code icon in the tabs, or click Payment Setups > Add New Promo Code in the top navigation.
  2. Basic Setup tab:
    1. Promo Code: specifies the text you want users to enter to redeem the promo.
    2. Discount Type: sets the promo value to be a percentage or fixed value. If you have BannerMerchant installed, you can also choose 'Buy Some, Get Some' to set up promos such as buy one get one free based on specific products.
    3. Discount Amount: enter the percentage or fixed dollar value of the promo. (Not used with Buy Some, Get Some promos)
    4. Activate for These Grips: choose which grips should allow use of this promo. (Buy Some, Get Some only applies to BannerMerchant)
      • BannerForms is for stand-alone payment forms.
      • BannerRSVP is for event registrations.
      • BannerRoster is for membership signups and renewals.
      • BannerMerchant is for product purchases.
  3. Advanced tab:
    1. Start Date: specifies the active date of the promo code. Your customers can redeem the promo starting on this day.
    2. End Date: specified the inactive date of the promo code. Your customers can no longer redeem the promo as of this day.
    3. Minimum Activation Price: sets the minimum purchase price required in order to redeem the promo.
    4. Limit Total Uses: limits the total number of times a promo code can be redeemed.
    5. Limit Uses per Member: limits the number of times a single member can redeem a promo. (requires BannerRoster)
    6. For Members Only: when checked, only logged in site members can redeem the promo. (requires BannerRoster)
    7. Allow Use with Other Promos: when checked, this promo can be redeemed alongside any other promo that also has this option checked. Otherwise, only one promo can be redeemed at a time.
  4. BannerRSVP, BannerRoster, BannerMerchant tabs:
    • These tabs contain additional settings to customize how the promo code is used by those grips.