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Create New Form Fields

  1. From the BannerForms Dashboard, in the top navigation choose BannerForms > Configure Fields.
  2. Click Add New Form Field.
  3. Enter a Field Label for the field, choose the appropriate Field Type, and enter a Script ID. Script ID can be the same as the field label with no spaces.
  4. Adjust the field's Configuration settings as needed.
  5. Verify and save your changes.
  6. In the top navigation choose Forms > Manage.
  7. Locate the form you wish to add the new field to, click the arrow next to Modify Configuration, and choose Manage Form Fields.
  8. In the Options menu, choose Attach Form Fields.
  9. Choose the field you wish to add and click Attach.
  10. Click Reorder Fields.
  11. Adjust the Position numbers as needed so the new form field shows up in the order you desire.
  12. Verify and save your changes.