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Adding Product Inventory Items

  1. Login to BannerOS.
  2. Click on BannerMerchant.
  3. Click on Products & Inventory.
  4. Click on Manage Inventory.
  5. Click on Add Inventory Item.
  6. Fill in the Required Fields.
    1. Item Code - Unique item number for this inventory item
    2. Item Name - Identifiable name for this inventory item
    3. Cost - Your cost from your vendors (for reporting purposes)
    4. Qty in Stock - Or if you choose to ignore qty 
    5. Limited Qty Notification - When you would like to be emailed about low inventory
    6. Weight - Used to determine shipping costs when charging shipping by weight
    7. Allow Back Orders - When more inventory will be made available after selling out
  7. Save this item.