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Importing Members From A Spreadsheet

  • All rows must have a single, unique email address. Rows with multiple email addresses, duplicate email addresses, or improperly formatted email addresses will be ignored and not imported.
  • Addresses must be divided into separate columns for Address, Address 2 (optional), City, State, Zip, and Country.
  • If you want members to be sortable by Last Name, then First Name and Last Name must be in separate columns.
  • Website addresses must be complete, including http://
  • If the spreadsheet contains members of different membership levels and you want the members imported into separate membership levels in the system, the spreadsheet must contain a column indicating which member level each member is in. Alternatively, you can create separate spreadsheets for each member level and import them separately.
  • If the members have designations such as Categories or Business Types, the spreadsheet should contain this information.
  • Spelling inconsistencies will negatively effect the import.