Build a stronger online presence for your business with search engine marketing

Paid online advertising offers a low cost way of getting immediate visibility for your website while waiting for your search engine optimization to develop 

A well-balanced marketing campaign includes both free AND paid tactics

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which encompasses PPC (Pay Per Click), banner and video ads, takes elements of your optimization and reaches areas that SEO can’t. 

It displays your ad within search engine results, as well as on affiliate websites approved to advertise within its network. You’ll pay only if someone clicks the ad link which, depending on the industry, could be anywhere from $1.00 up to $40.00 per click.


Google Adwords... the industry standard

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Text, banner & video ads on a robust advertising network

With the introduction of the search engines, advertising space came at a premium. Google wanted content, so initially it offered free space for advertising. When the company realized the importance of businesses desiring top page visibility for the website, paid ad listings were born.

From simple text to banner and video ads, Google Adwords can supply a sophisticated level of customized product and service advertising unmatched by traditional means.

Track & analyze your campaigns

With the addition of BannerCampaigner, you are able to enhance any online advertising campaign. By integrating our ad campaign manager, you’ll be able to monitor both on-site and off-site campaigns through BannerOS. By providing complementary performance analysis of Adwords and competing PPC platforms, you can compare and contrast which campaign platform works best for your business.

Once both Adwords and BannerCampaigner are integrated, our marketing team sets up and monitors your ad campaign on a daily basis. You’ll receive a monthly report detailing activity on Impressions, Click-Thrus and Conversions as well as recommendations on improving website performance.

BannerCampaigner easily works with other BannerGrips to extend its ad performance capabilities. For more information, visit the BannerCampaigner web page.

The Banner MethodThe Banner Method