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Before pursuing SEO, a website requires a solid and proper coding structure, not only for functionality, but for search visibility as well. Website optimization focuses on your internal web page elements. This includes the meta data (title, description, heading and image tags), descriptive page content and conversion elements necessary to launch a successful website. BannerOS provides you or your web developers the foundation needed for optimizing your website and the data analytics to measure your results.

Anatomy of a web page

Broken down into components, a website is made up of multiple pages, interconnected, or linked together through a hierarchical navigational structure. HTML, javascript, php are some of the more popular programming languages used to create these pages. As technology developed, these launguages were used to create content management systems like BannerOS to allow non-web developers to make changes and updates to web pages.

In addition to coding and on-page content (text, images, video), a web page needs optimized elements for search (and now social media). Meta data provides descriptive tags for search 'spiders' to take and index under the appropriate keywords. 

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The BannerMethod

In addition to on-site optimization, SEO includes off-site tactics like backlinks, local profile development, reviews, guest blogging, video channels and more. The BannerMethod is the ultimate guide to helping you succeed with your website! It provides an easy to understand methodical approach to marketing your business online. The 32 page document covers everything discussed on this page and takes it a step further. It lays out a detailed approach to successfully tying together your on and off-site marketing tactics. If you're serious about increasing your traffic to your website, purchase The BannerMethod.

The Banner MethodThe Banner Method