Press Releases Introduces BannerAlbumâ„¢ for Business Websites

Las Vegas, NV, March 30, 2011 -, an emerging industry leader in developing, managing and marketing websites for small to mid-sized businesses, with the mission of building great websites that earn recognition, respect and rewards for its customers, introduces, BannerAlbumTM, its latest addition to its line of BannerOSTM website enhancement products called, BannerGripsTM

Adds Greater Dimension to Customer Experience…
They See People, Events and Products in Action…

BannerAlbum is an image gallery system designed to display a collection of photographs throughout a business's website. BannerAlbum can show and caption your people, events and products in action with a professional result. 

"Simply having a website is no longer enough justification to invest money in it.  True value must be obtained from that investment to make the process worth it," said Mark Cenicola, President and CEO of in his blog article Get a Grip | New eBusiness Product for Increasing Website Value.  "As part of delivering value, we've added to our offerings of BannerGrips to help companies get the most out of their website investments."

Designed to Enhance Search Engine Optimization and On-Line Marketing Efforts:
BannerAlbum along with its keyword caption capabilities, provide for the media-rich content search engines seek. Using the BannerOS platform, a system designed for the user's ease and convenience, the user in one place can create numerous photo galleries and then can upload, edit and send them to designated pages throughout a website. BannerAlbum’s ease of use with the user in control, allows for keeping a website dynamic with fresh content, a proven strategy which engages search engines. BannerAlbum, as part of the collection of BannerGrips, is designed to maintain consistency of your brand on the website. When used with other BannerGrips, the brand’s positioning is further reinforced throughout the website. 

Maximum Flexibility, Ease of Use with YOU in Command 24/7:
BannerAlbum has numerous features and is easy to use. It creates diverse and distinct galleries throughout a website, provides display options of slide show or photo album formats, accommodates space for large collections, edits additions and deletions of collections and individual sizes within a collection, and provides for writing, editing and displaying captions. By using the BannerOS platform, these features can be applied in one place and directed to various web pages which reduces redundancy of task and thus saves the business time and money. Furthermore, the user can access and edit BannerAlbum any time from anywhere 24/7. Most important is that BannerAlbum by using the BannerOS platform, integrates seamlessly with all other product-services in the BannerGrips collection to ensure that the website operates at peak performance. This turnkey design eliminates the program integration challenges typical of when a website uses several third-party products-services.

Security, Programming Integrity and Customer Protection:
There are a host of security advantages to BannerOS being a proprietary website management platform: 

1. While it offers a business on-demand control to change its website and the flexibility to grow its website as its business needs evolve, it uses consistent and compatible coding, all W3C compliant in its product-service collection of BannerGrips to drive its performance. This consistent and compatible coding ensures against program integration challenges typical of when a website uses several third-party product-services. 
2. has a self-owned and operated facility with daily onsite and weekly off-site encrypted back ups. Its data configuration is designed to mitigate against and protect its customers from viruses and spam. 
3. Unlike other website management companies who over pack their servers with customer accounts which can cause the disabling of customer website operations, limits the number of customer accounts its individual servers accommodate in order to minimize such risk to its customers. 
4. BannerOS and its BannerGrips can be installed on more than 50% of web hosts. 

BannerAlbum's Value:

Like all BannerGrips, BannerAlbum has no hidden costs --everything is inclusive—there is no extra cost for such efforts as archiving photos on a website. The setup is free with purchase and the installation is easy.

"Expanding our Grips library is a major priority for Few website development and management companies offer a proprietary system that delivers seamless integration with top-flight professional results at a cost that is affordable to our small and mid-sized business audience. These goals are the cornerstone of our growth and position us well to offer complete website solutions nationally," said Cenicola. 

About specializes in eBusiness Solutions for building, managing and marketing websites for small to mid-size businesses and offers its BannerOSTM website management platform utilizing its BannerGripsTM collection of website enhancement products.  Products include Blogging, eMail Marketing and eCommerce allowing businesses to grow their website operations while giving them complete control to change their websites on demand. In addition, offers a variety of services and packages in Web Design, Website Optimization, Website Hosting and Content Management. can build, promote and maintain your online presence to Give your Website the BannerView!

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Mark A. Cenicola