Features of your image gallery software

Unlimited Image Uploads

Upload as many images as desired, limited only by your hosting plan's available storage.

Unlimited Categories

Categorize images for easier organization and front end display purposes.

Names and Captions

Your images can be given optional names and captions for a better user experience and search engine optimization.

Automatic Image Resizing

Images are automatically resized for display on the web, according to your preferences.

Lightbox for Viewing Full Images

The built-in photo gallery layout includes a simple yet attractive lightbox for viewing and navigating through full size images.

Image Watermarking

Automatically display your company logo or personal watermark on top of images to prevent unauthorized duplication or manipulation.

Flexible Image Layouts

For more advanced users, the design of your image gallery layout is limited only by your creativity.

Automatic Thumbnail Creation

Image thumbnails are automatically created when you add or import images, or you may upload custom thumbnails as desired.

RSS & Batch Image Importing

Use an RSS feed to import images from your other photo galleries, or upload zipped image archives for fast and easy batch uploading.

Marker-Based Output

Adding a photo gallery to any page of your website is easy using the marker-based content output of BannerOS Grips.