BannerBeat Overview

BannerBeat helps you manage and display blog entries on your website. Blog categories contain related entries that are displayed in a blog listing. Blog entries consist of the content that you want to share with your visitors. Comments can be allowed on blog entries and the Require Admin Approval of Comments option can be chosen.

Core Concepts

BannerBeat CATEGORIES are groups of related entries that are displayed together in a blog listing. BannerBeat comes pre-installed with a Blog category which may be suitable for your needs, but if you wish to show multiple blog listings with different entries, you will need additional categories.

Blog ENTRIES contain the content that you wish to share with your visitors. This can consist of your opinions on certain subjects, updates about the company, information that might be useful to visitors and much more. In blog entries, you can include images, videos, links and other HTML content along with text.

Blog entries can be published on any shell template or content region by adding the appropriate marker from the Dynamic Content drop down, which is available in all content editing sections of BannerOS.

BannerBeat includes an option to allow visitors to leave their COMMENTS on blog entries. If you would like to approve or delete a comment before it is published to the website, the Require Admin Approval of Comments option can be selected and the comments will be kept in the Pending Comments section. Otherwise, comments will be posted once the visitor submits it.

Displaying blogs on your website generally involves 3 steps:

  1. Create a category for the blog if one does not exist.
  2. Add a blog entry.
  3. Place a BannerBeat listing marker on the page or shell template that you wish to display the blog.