BannerBilling Overview

BannerBilling is a complete automated billing system used to manage billing data for services provided to customers. It allows for managing invoices, receipts and statements as well as automatic billing for recurring services. It integrates with BannerRoster, BannerCharge and BannerAssist to provide maximum functionality.

Core Concepts

BannerBilling CUSTOMERS are the people that are paying for your service, whether they're individuals or companies. Each customer has at least one contact, and depending on the other grips configured on your system, those customers and contacts can be linked to account managers that are part of your staff, and existing members of your website.

Line Items:
BannerBilling LINE ITEMS are the charge details your customers see on their statements and invoices. BannerBilling lets you store and manage individual line items for reuse.

BannerBilling INVOICES make use of line items to communicate charges to your customers. They can be generated as needed for ad hoc or 'one off' services, or set to automatically generate based on a set schedule for each customer.

BannerBilling STATEMENTS are a summary of transactions for a given period, sent to the customer prior to their invoice so they know what to expect on the invoice after all payments and credits are applied. They can be scheduled to be auto generated, or manually generated for any given date range.